Company Overview

Founded over ten years ago in Miami, Florida, Intellisoft Inc. was formed to develop a better business software solution that did not involve the complexity of juggling many applications in order to perform daily activities.  We wanted to also focus and overcome the numerous shortcomings found with many off-the-shelf business and accounting software.  Our goal has been to provide a one-stop software solution with trusted management features for growth-oriented companies that view their accounting and automation tools as essential to making better decisions and meeting their goals.  We focus on creating solutions that also offer our customers a tremendous competitive advantage. That takes talented, innovative, and creative people.

In order to accomplish our goals and distinguish them from being just another accounting package, Intellisoft has spent years researching the best-of-breed software applications used for assisting businesses well beyond the accounting realm. We have designed our products to grow with a business, from a small single store to one with many branches or complex infrastructures. Some of our features include integrated point of sale, complete accounting,  purchasing, advanced inventory control, billing, time and attendance, marketing, CRM, and task management. Intellisoft has been at the forefront of creating and marketing innovative solutions.  Our flagship product, ManageMore™ Business Software, is a culmination of many powerful accounting functions, processes, and automation tools that has emerged to resolve many complications that arise in the day-to-day business workflow.

Today, Intellisoft is proud to have sold over 10,000 software licenses located in over a dozen countries worldwide.  ManageMore™ continues to keep our promise of delivering a single software product that addresses many fundamental features that are needed in today's ebusiness.  We are committed to providing effective and affordable business software solutions that are built to last the lifetime of any SME organization.   Our customers have truly become our partners in this goal. We are proud to help them achieve success, and we'll always remember that their insights have driven our business.



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