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About Advertising Codes

Advertising Codes are useful in tracking the medium of advertisement from which your prospects and customers are attracted. You can create a code to represent each type of advertising that is made by your company. These codes are entered on to new customer or prospect records, as they are created. Then, via a simple analysis report, you can spot trends, and evaluate the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns.

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Field by Field Help - Advertising Code screen

Advertising Code
Enter a unique ID for this advertising code.

Advertising Type
Choose the general method of advertising this code represents. Choose from: Billboard, Flyer, Internet, Magazine, Mail, Newspaper, Phone Book, Radio, Referral, Sign, Telephone, Television, Walk-In or Other.

The Referral type has special significance. If an advertising code of referral type is chosen when entering a prospect or customer, the user will be prompted for an account number of the referring party. A referral credit can be optionally posted to the referring account (see the Customers and Prospects category of Setup ... Options for referral credit setup).

Enter a full description of the method of advertising you used. This value is used to identify the advertising code on lists and reports.

Q & A - Advertising Codes

Q01.   Can new advertising types be added to the program?
A01.   No. Only advertising codes can be added. You must select from the available types. Other than referral type, the type field is for reference purposes only.

Q02.   Can I use these Advertising Codes to keep track of the balance I owe the advertising company for my ads?
A02.   No. These codes are strictly used to see how people hear about you. To keep track of monies owed, you will need to use the accounts payable portion of the program.

Q03.   What kind of reports can I run to tell me how effective my advertising has been?
A03.   You can run the Advertising Statistics report, found in the Analysis Reports under the General Report folder.

Q04.   Can I find out what age group my advertising is most effective with for each of the different advertising codes?
A04.   You can set up a different code for each advertising method and age group and then run the regular advertising reports in the software.

Q05.   I don't see my question here. Where else can I get information?
A05.   Visit our website's Technical Support section.

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