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About Auditor Review

The Auditor Review menu options work with the Auditor's Edition, a special software intended for auditors that want to review and make changes to the financials of a client who uses one of the ManageMore software editions. The export utility creates a special version of your company file that allows accountants/bookkeepers to analyze your financial data and make adjustments for you, without having to stop work in your company's ManageMore software. When the accounting work is finished, you can import the accountant's changes (from a file sent back by the Auditor's Edition) into your company's data. This exchange of data can be accomplished as often as you like (usually monthly) and helps the accountant serve you more efficiently.

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Create Auditor's Copy

This menu option allows you to create an auditor's copy with the latest pertinent information for your auditor. There are options as to what should be passed along to the auditor that can be changed in Setup Company. You can also select how much data goes to them using the following options:

File Name
Enter or select the full path and file name of the file to be exported to the auditor. This file must end with an extension of ".aex"

Export Type
Select the type of export to be created. Choose from the following:

IncrementalThis option will send only the items that have yet to be reviewed by the auditor. Any other data will remain behind.  
CompleteThis option will send all data to the auditor for their perusal.  
exclaimIf the Auditor's Copy has never been run before and changes from it have never been imported, the Incremental export will send the same amount of data as a full export.  

Use a password to protect the transfer file
Check this box to allow the file being created to be password protected. Doing so will also cause a password field to appear below the File Name field mentioned above.

exclaimAll users of the software must exit before an auditor's copy is made, otherwise pertinent information may not be exported.  

Cancel Auditor's Copy

This menu option allows you to cancel an auditor's copy completely. If any changes have been made by the auditor and have not been imported yet, they will not be valid once the auditor's copy has been cancelled. After choosing this option, you must type YES in the field provided and press Enter in order to cancel the current Auditor's copy.

Import Auditor's Changes

This menu option allows you to import the changes file that your auditor sends back to you. Enter or select the full path and filename, which will end in ".AEI", and then press Enter to import the changes the auditor has implemented. All changes will be imported at this time. It is best to have everyone out of the software while these changes are being made for the quickest update time possible.

Auditors Notes

Auditors Notes are passed back and forth from your company to and from your auditor. These notes comprise two way communication allow you to see or denote an issue that needs to be addressed, or other information that your auditor or you needs to know about the data being sent. You and your auditor can also record your notes concerning any actions that were taken on these notes.

Field by Field Help - Auditors Notes screen

Select the urgency for this message from the options provided: Low, Normal, or High.

Due Date
Enter or select the date by which this message should be responded to.

Check this box to note that the message has been acknowledged and any action necessary has been taken.

Enter the message that you wish to send to the auditor.

Action Taken
Enter the action that has been taken from an auditor's note that has been sent back to you.

Q & A - Auditor Review

Q01.I don't see my question here. Where else can I get information?  
A01.Visit our website's Technical Support section.  

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