Bad Debt Write-Off
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About Bad Debt

When collection efforts have failed and old balances can no longer be garnered, the balances can be easily written-off using the Bad Debt process. This process will quickly summarize all old unpaid invoices, and upon user review, post refund transactions to reverse the existing balances, using a special internal SKU ("BADDEBT"), to represent a balance write-off. This process will also reverse sales taxes accrued on prior uncollected invoices.

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   Quick Help - Bad Debt Write-Off
   Field by Field Help - Bad Debt Criteria screen
   Posting Bad Debt
   Field by Field Help - Post Bad Debt screen
   Q & A - Bad Debt

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Quick Help - Bad Debt Write-Off

1)Select the Write Off Bad Debt menu option.  
2)Click the Build List button to enter bad debt criteria.  
3)Verify list of write-offs to be posted. Delete items if necessary.  
4)Click the Post button to begin write-off process.  

Field by Field Help - Bad Debt Criteria screen

Begin building list
Click this button to accept the criteria provided and begin to build the list.

Select all unpaid invoices that were due
Select a date range for which unpaid invoices should be considered for write-off.

Unpaid Invoices with due date
Enter or select from/to dates to manually specify a date range for write-off.

Specific Customer Class Code(s) to Qualify
When processing selected class codes only, enter the class code(s) here. Multiple class codes can be entered individually, separated by commas; or in ranges, separated by hyphens.
exampleSuppose you wish to write-off balances for class codes 1, 4, 5, 6, and 7. You could simply type the following into the Customer Class Code(s) field: 1,4-7  

Apply selection criteria to active/inactive customers
When checked, considers invoices from only those customers that are currently active or inactive. For all customers, check both boxes.

Convert customers to inactive status when writing off bad debt
When checked, will mark any customers to inactive status who are included in the batch.

infoThis process will only select invoices which are completely unpaid. Partially paid invoices will not be selected and must be reversed manually.  

Posting Bad Debt

The next step in the bad debt write-off process is to post the list that has been created. Before posting, any unintended records may be deleted from the list. Once ready, click Post, and the program will generate refund transactions for each of the items listed. The refund transaction will include the internal "BADDEBT" SKU item, and also reverse any taxes charged on the original invoice.

exclaimLike most other posting processes, bad debt posting is irreversible. In the event of power failure or computer lockup during posting, re-attempt the posting process again to finish the process.  

Field by Field Help - Post Bad Debt screen

Begin posting list
Click this button to post the bad debt transactions.

Billing Group
Displays the billing group number and the description of the billing group.

Entries to Post
Displays the number of invoices to be reversed.

Today's Date
Displays the current system date. This value will be used to date the refund transactions which are generated.
Use SuperSpeed Posting for Very Large Databasesgear
When checked, speeds up the posting process by using more memory and system/network resources. This option is recommended for larger databases and/or during times of light system usage.

Q & A - Bad Debt

Q01.   Why would an invoice retain a balance after the process has run?
A01.   The Bad Debt process does not reverse invoices that were partially paid. These invoices must be reversed manually.

Q02.   I don't see my question here. Where else can I get information?
A02.   Visit our website's Technical Support section.

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