Billing & Collections
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In this Chapter

In this chapter, we will discuss the billing and collections process.

ManageMore allows for statements to be run on a basis of your choosing, whether it once daily, once yearly, or anywhere in between. You can choose the frequency of the billing process, as well as set up multiple processes to bill at a time of your choosing.

ManageMore also allows you to run collections processes so that you can clear up old accounts receivables and obtain the monies you are entitled to for the services and goods you invoiced or billed to your customers. You can also create a list of people to turn over to a collection company should the manners provided for in the software not produce the desired results.

   7.1   Billing Groups

   7.2   Recurring Charge Items

   7.3   Service Templates

   7.4   Service Plans

   7.5   Services

   7.6   Service Promotions

   7.7   Statement Processing

   7.8   Finance Charges

   7.9   Collections

   7.10   AutoChange Billing Status

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