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About Bulk E-Mail

When you need to send the same message to many recipients at one time, ManageMore can assist with its Bulk E-Mail feature. This feature allows you to generate a list of recipients, and send the messages at once. You can even customize the message for each recipient by adding database fields that will be unique to each customer. Use this tool for marketing, new products or services, collections, reminders, e-newsletters, thank you's, and much more.

In this Topic
   Quick Help - Bulk E-Mail
   Field by Field Help - Bulk E-Mail Criteria screen
   Saving E-Mail Lists
   Sending Bulk E-Mail
   Q & A - Bulk E-Mail

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Quick Help - Bulk E-Mail

1)If necessary, create an E-Mail Template to define the message to be sent.  
2)Select the Generate Bulk E-Mail menu option.  
3)Click the Build List button to enter bulk e-mail criteria.  
4)Verify the list of e-mail to be sent. Add, Edit, or Delete items if necessary.  
5)Click the Send button to send mail.  

Field by Field Help - Bulk E-Mail Criteria screen

Template Id
Enter or select the template ID of the e-mail message you want to send.

Choose a query type here. Whatever query type is chosen will be used during the building of the e-mail list. The program will run the query selected or created, and cross reference any matching records back to the particular customer or prospect and obtain the e-mail address on their record for list building purposes. See the IntelliQuery topic for more information on creating or selecting saved queries.

Prevent duplicate E-Mail addresses from being added
When checked, will check the list as it is being built and not allow e-mail duplications in the list to send.

Prevent invalid E-Mail addresses from being added
When checked, ManageMore will review e-mail addresses being added and reject those that are not valid e-mail addresses based upon factors such as not having an at sign ( @ ) in the email address, or not having a period after the at sign.

Prevent E-Mail addresses on "Do Not Send" list from being added
When checked, ManageMore will review e-mail addresses being added and reject those on do not send lists that match the e-mail template chosen at the top of the window.

Saving E-Mail Lists

When you have created an e-mail list that you want to save for future use, simply click on the Save List button on the top toolbar of the Bulk E-Mail window. The program will then prompt you to enter a filename for this list, and then to save the list. This list can then brought back up at any time when you are creating a new bulk e-mail list. This is especially useful when you have a newsletter or some other e-mail message you want to send on a regular basis. You need only select your criteria once, save the e-mail list and then just use the e-mail list again, rather than try to remember the criteria every time you want to send this message out.

Sending Bulk E-Mail

To send bulk e-mail, simply click on the send e-mail button. The program will then immediately begin sending the e-mails out, and your job is done! After the program has sent all of the e-mail, you can then click the second tab of the window to view any errors that occurred in sending the e-mail.

Q & A - Bulk E-Mail

Q01.   I always mail out a holiday sale flyer to my customers. Can I do this using bulk e-mail? How do I add the flyer to the email body?
A01.   You can do this with bulk e-mail by either creating a web page with your flyer on it, or by creating a file out of your flyer (PDF, HTML, etc.) and attaching it to your message. You can then create a link to your web page or copy the HTML code of this web page to your message when you create your bulk e-mail template.

Q02.   Will I be notified of e-mail addresses and accounts that have invalid or inactive e-mail addresses when I send my bulk e-mail?
A02.   Yes. After sending, click on the errors tab at the bottom of the window to view any problems with the bulk e-mail you sent.

Q03.   I would like to send an e-mail to all customers that are past due by 30 days, but I want to include specific information to each customer in each e-mail. Can I do this through bulk e-mail?
A03.   Yes, but when you create the bulk e-mail template, you must use the personal option so that specific fields can be read for each customer.

Q05.   I don't see my question here. Where else can I get information?
A05.   Visit our website's Technical Support section.

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