Customer Relationship Management
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In this Chapter

In this chapter, we will discuss the features and functions in ManageMore designed to help your employees develop and maintain better relationships with your customers. From first contact to ongoing customer care, ManageMore helps you establish a connection with your customers that is both profitable and long-lasting.

   4.1   Customers

   4.2   Customer Templates

   4.3   Prospects

   4.4   Customer Care

   4.5   Organizer

   4.6   Incident Tracking
   4.7   Incident Codes

   4.8   Task Management

   4.9   Task Templates

   4.10   E-Mail

   4.11   Bulk E-Mail

   4.12   E-Mail Templates and Categories

   4.13   E-Mail Removal

   4.14   Advertising Codes

   4.15   Territory Codes

   4.16   Class Codes

   4.17   NAICS Codes

   4.18   Dealer Locator

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