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About Customer Templates

Customer templates make entering customer settings easier and more accurate. You can set default values for many customer fields based on the type of customers that you maintain. During entry, the user simply selects the customer template and the default values are completed automatically. Customer templates can avoid costly mistakes, such as assigning the incorrect class code, which could result in incorrect pricing.

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Field by Field Help - Customer Template screen


Customer Template Id
Enter a unique identifier that the program will use to identify this customer template for selection purposes.

Full Description
Enter a full description of this template. Some common template names are retail, corporate, wholesale, employee, member, non-member, etc.

Class Code
Enter or select the default class code number for this customer type. Class codes are used to separate customers with different pricing structures.

Tax Code
Enter or select the default tax code for this customer type.

Enter or select the employee ID of the default salesperson for this customer type.

Distribution Method
Select the default method by which this customer type should receive monthly billing statements.

Billing Group
Select or enter the default billing group for this customer type.

Allow Dunning Message on Statements
Select the default value for this field. When checked, allows for messages to be printed on the customer's statement based on the oldest aging range in which the customer has a balance. If unchecked, no messages will appear on the customer's statements.


Credit Hold after XX days past due
Enter the default value for this field for this customer type. When checked, ManageMore will not allow any invoices to be applied to this customer type's balance if the customer has unpaid invoices which are the selected number of days past due.

Allow C.O.D. Purchases
Select the default value for this field for this customer type. When checked, ManageMore allows customers to pay for invoices via COD (Cash/Check on Delivery). COD purchases are activated when a COD shipping method is chosen on a transaction.

Allow on Account Purchases
Select the default value for this field for this customer type. When checked, allows for this customer type to apply invoice balances to their accounts.

Customer Terms
Select the default payment terms applicable to this customer type.

Customer Credit Limit
Enter the default maximum dollar amount this customer type can have applied to their balance at any one time.

Currency Code
Enter or select the currency code that would apply to this customer type, if any.

Subject to Finance Charges
When checked, allows the program to consider this customer type for finance charges when they are computed.

Use Individual Finance Charge Rate
Select the default value for this field for this customer type. When checked, instructs the program to use a different set of finance charge rate criteria for this customer instead of the default company settings.

Minimum Balance for Finance Charge
Enter the default least amount required for finance charges to be assessed to this customer type.

Finance Charge Amount (percentage) / Finance Charge Flat Rate
Enter the default percent of the customer balance and/or the default flat dollar amount to be charged to the customer when they are to be assessed finance charges. If both have entries, the program will assess the higher of the two.

Q & A - Customer Templates

Q01.If I change the values in a customer template, will customers which have already been entered be affected?  
A01.No. Only new customers entered with the template are affected.  

Q02.How can I ensure that the values defaulted by customer templates will not be changed by users?  
A02.The Security Administrator can be used to lock down fields, and/or the fields can be disabled using the Preferences in the Customer and Prospects category of Setup Options.  
Q03.Can I make one of my templates default? If so, how?  
A03.You can set the default customer template in Setup Options in the Customers and Prospects section.  
Q04.Can I search for customers based on their template?  
A04.You can use IntelliQuery to search for customers based on their template.  
Q05.I don't see my question here. Where else can I get information?  
A05.Visit our website's Technical Support section.  

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