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About Database Integrity

The Database Integrity checking process inside ManageMore ensures that your database is consistent and reliable. In the event that a hard drive crash, power failure, virus, or other cause of a data base corruption occurs, the program has the ability to correct itself, to ensure database integrity.

In this topic, we will discuss the functionality of the Database Integrity screens, and the various stages of the Database Integrity process, and what they entail.

In this Topic
   Field by Field Help - Database Integrity List screen
   Field by Field Help - Database Integrity Criteria screen
   Q & A - Database Integrity

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Field by Field Help - Database Integrity List screen


Post Records
Click this button to post the Database Integrity errors. This will mainly be used to mass correct problems with ManageMore data. This button will not be available unless a list is already present.

Build List
Click this button to build a new Database Integrity list. This button is not visible if a list is already present.

List Information
Click on this button to show the number of integrity records in the list.

Empty List
Click on this button to empty the current integrity list.

Print this List
Click on this button to print the integrity list.


Enter an item to search for in the integrity list here.

Shows the stage at which this error was found.

Problem ID
Shows the problem ID used to represent the type of error found.

Shows whether this particular problem was fixed or not.

Acct. No.
Displays the account number, if any, associated with this error.

Shows a description of the error found in the data.

Shows the proposed solution for resolving this error.

Field by Field Help - Database Integrity Criteria screen


Begin Building List
Click this button to start creating the list of Database Integrity issues.


Specific Stages
Select the specific stages you want ManageMore to look for issues in. Database Integrity checks will be performed only in those stages that are selected.

Starting Account No./Ending Account No.
Enter or select the starting and ending account number to search through for Database Integrity errors. Leave these fields blank to search through all accounts.

In-Depth Scan
When checked, will cause ManageMore to scan individual records for errors against other records within the database. This will cause database integrity to run considerably longer than when this box is not checked.

Recompute customer aging on each account reviewed
When checked, will recalculate the customer aging on each customer that is within the chosen account number range (all customers if the account number range was left blank).

Allow other activities while Database Integrity scan is running
When checked, will allow other users to continue using ManageMore while Database Integrity runs. This will result in a slowdown of Database Integrity, but will also not result in down time for your other users.

Q & A - Database Integrity

Q01.How often should I run Database Integrity?  
A01.We recommend that you run Database Integrity once every three months, when odd behavior within the software is encountered, or when instructed by a technical support representative.  
Q02.Can Database Integrity be run for only one account?  
A02.Yes. Simply enter the account number in question into both the Starting Account Number and Ending Account Number fields.  
Q03.How do I correct errors that are not autofixed by Database Integrity?  
A03.To fix an error found by Database Integrity, simply highlight the record, then click on the post button at the top of the window. If this error is not fixable by Database Integrity, then ManageMore will alert you to this. If Database Integrity is able to fix the error, it will either fix it right away or give you a series of choices, prompting you to choose the one that is correct.  
Q04.Will Database Integrity retrieve missing data?  
A04.Database Integrity fixes errors that are already present in data, it does not retrieve missing data.  
Q05.Do I need to backup the software before running Database Integrity?  
A05.We recommend that you do backup the software before running Database Integrity or any other maintenance operation.  
Q06.I don't see my question here. Where else can I get information?  
A06.Visit our website's Technical Support section.  

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