Data Path

The Data Path is defined as the shared folder visible to all users, where an individual company's data is stored. This value will default to the folder created during the new company process.

infoIf the data path was not visible to the workstation when the company was opened, the user will be prompted to select the data path.  

Most users will find it convenient to install and execute the program from a common shared folder on the network. Mapping a common network drive letter on each workstation will allow all users to share a common data path.

exampleA common practice is to create a folder on the server called "Intellisoft." Install ManageMore into this folder (i.e. Intellisoft\MMWin\). On each workstation, map a common network drive (e.g. M: ) to "\\Server\Intellisoft" . Now each workstation can run the program from "M:\MMWin" and use "M:\MMWin\DataX" as their data path. If the program has already been installed, its entire installation folder can be copied into the "Intellisoft" folder.