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About Document Auditing

Document Auditing allows you to trace the users that have interacted with a particular document. ManageMore makes a record anytime a user attempts an operation that would access a document, so that, successful or not, a record of their having done so is indicated.

Audit lists can be viewed by users with security rights to audit documents within a given cabinet.

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Field by Field Help - Document Auditing screen


Purge Audit Log
Click this button to purge entries out of the audit log. You can purge out information based on Intelliquery selection or based on a date range.


Note that fields are viewable only. Information will appear in the list form only.

Displays the cabinet where access was attempted.

Displays the document that the user tried to access.

Displays the employee ID of the user that attempted to gain access.

Displays the action the employee used to attempt to gain access to the document.

Displays whether the employee was successful (YES) or not (NO).

Displays the date the access was attempted.

Displays the time at which the access was attempted.

Display the path and file name of the document that the user was attempting to access.

Q & A - Document Auditing

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