Document Management
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In this Chapter

In this chapter, we will discuss the Document Management system which allows you to file away your important documents electronically within ManageMore. The Document Management system does more than just replace your filing cabinets and drawers: it allows you to store any type of document, whether it be a file on your computer, a scanned document, a spoken word audio file, or even a video captured from a web cam. You can then specify where the document is to be filed, who can have what access to it, and search for it based on one of the most powerful searching technologies available.

   14.1   Cabinets & Drawers

   14.2   Templates

   14.3   User Folders

   14.4   Documents

   14.5   Intellifile Explorer

   14.6   Searching For Documents

   14.7   Document Auditing

   14.8   Intellifile Manager


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