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About Document Templates

Document Templates allow you to define how a document is to be created. Templates must be associated with cabinets, so that a certain type of document can only go into a certain cabinet or drawer. This minimizes any issues with documents being misfiled into improper cabinets. For scanned documents, templates provide important settings as to the size and quality of the scan, and the device to use. A number of document templates have been provided for your use, and you can create your own as necessary.

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   Field by Field Help - Document Templates screen
   Q & A - Document Templates

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Field by Field Help - Document Templates screen

Template Name
Enter a name for this document template.


Select the origin of this document:

My ComputerDocument is a file contained somewhere on your computer or network.  
Scanner/CameraDocument is an image from a document scanner or digital camera.  
MicrophoneDocument is a sound recording file. The input will be the microphone attached to the computer's sound card.  
Video CameraDocument is movie file or single snapshot from a PC Camera. The input will be the attached video camera (web cam).  

Minimum Days to Retain Document
Enter the number of days this type of document must be held before it can be deleted.

If the Source is set to My Computer, the following additional fields will become available:

Default Path
Enter or select the folder to which ManageMore will default when browsing for a file in the New Document window.

File Extension
Select the default file extension that ManageMore will default to when browsing for a file. Choices include PDF (Adobe Acrobat Document), BMP (Windows Bitmap Picture), JPG (JPG Picture), GIF (GIF picture), AVI (Windows Video File), and WAV (Windows Audio File).

If the Source is set to Scanner/Camera, the following additional fields will become available:

Scan Method
Choose the manner in which the scanner will scan pages into a new or existing document. Choose from:

ManualManageMore will prompt the user after each page/image is imported whether more items are to be added or if the document is complete. This setting is generally used with a scanner that has no automatic document feeder.  
AutomaticManageMore will not prompt the user as to whether more pages are to be scanned/imported. The scanner will scan everything available in the document feeder or the one page on the scanner bed. This setting is generally used with a scanner that has a document feeder, or when a majority of your documents are one page only.  

Default Source
Choose the device from which your scans or images are coming from.

Document Type
Choose the type of document that will be scanned/imported into the document. Choose from: Letter Size (8½" × 11") - Full Color, Letter Size (8½" × 11") - Grayscale, Legal Size (8½" × 14") - Full Color, Legal Size (8½" × 14") - Grayscale, Photo (4" × 6") - Full Color, and Custom.

Custom Options
Click this button to set customized sizes and color options for scanned/imported material. This button is only available when the Document Type is set to Custom.

Use Device Interface
Check this box to have the device's own interface software appear when scanning/importing items. This feature is strongly recommended if you are importing through a digital camera.

Custom Options

The following are fields on the Custom Options window. This window will appear after clicking on the Custom Options button.

File Format
Select the file format you want scanned documents to be saved in when scanning into a new document. Select from Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF),

This format allows multiple page documents
Displays whether the file format chosen allows for multiple page documents. Multi-page documents are supported under the PDF, JBIG, and TIFF formats.

Select the size of the document to be scanned/imported.

Select the unit to use when defining a documents measurements.

Select the width of the document to be scanned/imported.

Select the length of the document to be scanned/imported.

Indent From Left
Select the leftmost position of the area to be scanned.

Indent From Top
Select the topmost position of the area to be scanned.

Check this box to denote that the document is in a landscape orientation (horizontally aligned, versus vertically aligned).

Color Options
Select the color settings for the scan. Choose from Full Color, Grayscale, or Text.

Quality Options
Select the quality of the scan. Choose from High, Medium, or Low.

No additional fields are available when choosing Microphone or Video Camera.

Screen Prompts

User Defined Fields are unique to each Document Template.

Click this button to modify the selected User Defined Field.

Editing A User Defined Field

Field Type
This value determines the format of the custom field, as described below:

Free FormPrompts the user to type any value, letters or numbers.  
NumberPrompts the user to type a numeric value.  
CheckmarkPrompts the user to place a check mark in a provided box.  
DatePrompts the user to enter a date value.  
Drop ListPrompts the user to select a value from a predefined list. Drop list choices are separated by a vertical bar (e.g. Choice 1|Choice 2|Choice 3 )  

Enter or select the length of the custom field (in characters).

Decimal Places
If the field format selected is "Number", enter or select the number of decimal places.

Screen Prompt
Enter the value that will appear on the screen for input.

Default Value
Enter the value that will be automatically filled in the user-defined field when entering a new record. This value is optional.

Picture Format
Enter a valid picture format for the display and entry of this field.

Required Entry
If checked, the user must enter a value in this field to save the associated record.

List Choices
If the "Drop List" field type is chosen, enter the choices to appear in the list. Each choice should be separated by a vertical ( | ) symbol. (e.g., "Apple|Banana|Cantaloupe")

Q & A - Document Templates

Q01.I don't see my question here. Where else can I get information?  
A01.Visit our website's Technical Support section.  

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