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About E-Mail

In today's business world, e-mail is the preferred method of communication. ManageMore has incorporated e-mail functionality, woven right into our Customer Relationship Management and other business features. The program allows you to send and receive e-mail to and from customers, employees, vendors, personal and business contacts. You can also send customizable bulk e-mail to many recipients at one time for marketing, collections, or communication purposes. This topic will help you set up ManageMore's e-mail features.

In this Topic
   E-Mail Basics
   Field by Field Help - E-Mail Account screen
   Field by Field Help - E-Mail Address screen
   Employee E-Mail Setup
   Q & A - E-Mail Setup

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E-Mail Basics

Internal E-Mail refers to e-mail sent from one employee to another from within ManageMore. This type of e-mail requires no email accounts, since internal e-mail does not use the internet. To allow an employee to receive internal mail, simply choose the option present on the employee screen.

E-Mail Pro is the underlying engine that drives many of the e-mail features of ManageMore. With E-Mail Pro, you will be able to utilize all of ManageMore's e-mail functionality, including internal e-mail, e-mail templates, receiving e-mail, and bulk e-mail. Without E-Mail Pro, you will only be able to send single external e-mail. If your license did not include E-Mail Pro, and you wish to add these features, please contact your sales representative.

External E-Mail refers to e-mail sent from within ManageMore to external recipients, and from external senders to internal recipients. This type of e-mail requires email accounts to be setup. To allow an employee to receive external mail, you must assign e-mail address(es) to the employee.

E-Mail Accounts are used to define the settings necessary to send and receive internet (external) e-mail. These settings (see Figure 3-8) are provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP), and tell ManageMore to what mail server(s) it will connect to send and receive external mail. An e-mail account also contains the user name and password needed to access the mail server.

E-Mail Addresses are used to identify e-mail which is received from external sources and route it to the proper employee. By default, an e-mail account has just one e-mail address. Some Internet Service Providers, however, allow more than one e-mail address for your account (often called alias e-mail addresses). You can add these additional addresses to the e-mail account. E-mail addresses are assigned to employees, and mail segregation and delivery is handled automatically by ManageMore. E-Mail addresses can also be shared among several employees (see Figure 3-9), for messages that can be handled by more than one person.

Figure 3-7.   E-Mail Account Screen

To set up e-mail accounts in ManageMore, you must select Setup ... Options, and choose the E-Mail section. First check the option to Allow sending/receiving of external mail, then select the E-Mail Accounts tab to add, edit or remove accounts.

Field by Field Help - E-Mail Account screen

Account Name

Type in a descriptive name for the e-mail account you are entering.

E-Mail Address
The default e-mail address associated with this account.

Account Owner
Type in the employee ID of the owner of this account or use the lookup button to choose an employee from the list. The account owner will be the default recipient in the case of a shared account with multiple addresses. If a recipient cannot be determined by the e-mail address, the mail will be delivered to the account owner.

Private Account
Select this check box if the e-mail account is to only be accessed by the account owner.

Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP Server)

Server Name
Enter the name of your outgoing mail server (provided by your e-mail provider).

User Name / Password
Enter the user name and password needed to send mail on this e-mail account.

Outgoing mail server requires authentication
Select this check box if your e-mail provider requires you to log in with a user name and password when you send e-mail to others (Check with your e-mail provider for more information).

Incoming Mail Server

Server Name
Enter the name of your incoming mail server (provided by your e-mail provider).

User Name / Password
Enter the user name and password needed to receive mail on this e-mail account.

E-Mail Addresses

In this tab you will define what e-mail addresses are received through this e-mail account. The address entered on the first tab will appear first in the list. The following buttons are available on this tab:

Add a new e-mail address to this account.

Edit the highlighted address.

Remove the highlighted address from the account.

Select this option for advanced field(s) used for routing mail. This option is only available if multiple addresses are used.

Field by Field Help - E-Mail Address screen

E-Mail Address
Enter the e-mail address to be received.

Automatically respond to e-mail messages received with template
Select this check box to instruct the program to automatically respond to any incoming e-mail sent to the given address. Additionally, you will need to type in a template ID for the response e-mail or look it up using the lookup [...] button.

E-Mail messages sent to this address are shared by multiple employees
Select this check box if a group of employees are sharing this e-mail address. This means that the messages will be sent to a folder which is shared by the group. To assign an employee to the group, simply assign the employee to this address.

Group Name
Define the name of the group here, if the above check box is selected. This name will be used as the group folder name.

Figure 3-8.   E-Mail Address screen

Employee E-Mail Setup

Once you have set up your e-mail accounts and addresses, you can setup which employees will be able to use them. This section will explain how to set up employees' e-mail capabilities. To set the e-mail capabilities for a particular employee, select Lists ... Human Resources ... Employees, and Edit the employee you desire. On the employee screen, you will notice an E-Mail Tab (see Figure 3-10). The fields on this tab are explained below.

infoIn order for an employee to be assigned e-mail settings, the employee must also be a system User, set up in the Security Administrator. This way ManageMore can send/receive/display the proper e-mail, based upon the user logged into the system.  


Allow this employee to receive internal ManageMore E-mail
Select this check box to allow other employees to send e-mail to this employee.

E-Mail Accounts
Click this button to define what mail accounts this employee has access to. A window will appear, giving you a list of the e-mail accounts and what the employee's status is on each. An employee will be able to either send only, send and receive, or nothing. The first account assigned to an employee with send capabilities will be used for that employee's sending account.

Assign Address
Click this button to assign a new e-mail address to this employee. A selection list of e-mail accounts will appear. Simply double-click the account you want them to have access to.

Account Properties
Click this button to change the ability to receive e-mail from this account. Once you click on this, the e-mail account setup will come up. Your only available option is at the bottom: a check box that, when selected, allows the employee to receive e-mail through this account.

Remove Address
Click this button to disallow the employee the use of the highlighted e-mail account.

Return E-Mail Address
This address will be used as the reply-to address when sending mail for this employee. If blank, the company e-mail address will be used.

Name Used For Sending
Type in the name that goes along with the e-mail address here. This name shows up in the "from" portion of the e-mail being sent.

Always use external e-mail address for this employee
Select this check box to always send e-mail to this employee using the Internet, and not by using ManageMore's internal e-mail. This should be used for employees who do not have access or do not otherwise use the program.

E-Mail Options
You can choose whether this employee can send e-mail to Customers and Prospects, Employees, Departments, or Vendors.

Organizer Options
Click this button to set the Organizer Options for this employee.

Figure 3-9.   E-Mail tab on the Employee screen

Q & A - E-Mail Setup

Q01.Can I use the program to check my America Online e-mail account(s)? What about Hotmail, or other Web-based mail (e.g. Yahoo Mail, etc.)?  
A01.America Online (AOL) uses proprietary e-mail technology, and it cannot be integrated into other programs. Hotmail and Yahoo can be used as long as you have signed up for POP access with them. The best solution would be to sign up for a standard (POP) e-mail account with your ISP.  

Q02.   How can I set up an account that is used for sending mail only?
A02.Just complete the Outgoing Mail Server settings (see Figure 3-9), and leave the Incoming Mail Server settings blank.  

Q03.Can I setup e-mail for internal use only?  
A03.Yes. Simply follow the instructions in this topic, but do not follow those that apply to external e-mail. Leave the option to turn on external e-mail off.  
Q04.Can I enter personal e-mail contacts without entering them as customer into the program?  
A04.Yes. Simply create a new e-mail and click on the To:, Cc:, or Bcc: buttons. Then change the Show Names From to Personal. Then click on the New Personal Contact button at the bottom left of the window.  
Q05.Where can I get my SMTP and/or POP server name?  
A05.Contact your ISP for the SMTP/POP server name you should use.  
Q06.Can I still use this feature if I have my own mail server?  
A06.Yes. You can use the e-mail functionality within ManageMore if you have your own e-mail server. Simply specify the address(es) / name(s) of your servers in the server name field(s).  

Q07.   I don't see my question here. Where else can I get information?
A07.Visit our website's Technical Support section.  

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