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About Exporting Accounting Data

For those companies who utilize an external general ledger system, ManageMore can easily export accounting data in a format that can be imported by other financial applications. You can choose to export a journal entry of your transactional data, and the level of detail to include.

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   Quick Help - Export Accounting Data
   Field by Field Help - Export Accounting Data screen
   Q & A - Export Accounting Data

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Quick Help - Export Accounting Data

1)Select the Export ... Accounting Detail menu option.  
2)Enter the Export Type, Date range and other criteria.  
3)Click the Export button to create an export file containing a journal entry.  
4)Import the file into other accounting software.  

bulbConsider using ManageMore's general ledger system instead. This capability can automatically post transactions as they are created and eliminates the need to juggle multiple applications.  
infoManual journal entries created in ManageMore are not exported with this process.  

Field by Field Help - Export Accounting Data screen

Software Package
Select the software package that you are exporting to. Select from either Quickbooks (to create an .IIF file), or Other Accounting Software (to create a delimited file that can be imported into many other advanced accounting software programs).

Export Type
Choose the kind of export you want to use when exporting GL information. Select from Journal Entry, Journal Entry by Date, or Journal Entry by Item.

Journal Entry ID
Enter an ID for this journal export.

Journal Entry Type
Select a journal entry type for the export. Choose from All, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, or Inventory.

Starting Date/Ending Date
Enter or select the starting and ending dates for this journal entry.

Enter the location from which to select information.

Use account names instead of numbers
When checked, will export account names instead of numbers. Use this feature when ID account numbers are not used in the other accounting software (Account names must match EXACTLY). This feature is primarily for Quickbooks users who use names versus accounts.

Click on this button to accept the criteria and begin the export of the file.

Click on this button to discard the criteria and return to the previous window.

Q & A - Export Accounting Data

Q01.   My accounting package is not listed in the Software Package field. What do I do?
A01.   Choose the Other Accounting Software option. This will create a ASCII-delimited file that most accounting packages can read from.

Q02.   Quickbooks is giving me an error message when I try to import the journal entry, such as:
   "Transaction split lines to accounts receivable must include a customer on that split line." or
   "Transaction split lines to accounts payable must include a vendor on that split line."
   How can I fix this?
A02.   Since ManageMore does not require users who maintain an external general ledger to also keep customer and/or vendor information in the external system, we do not export the customer and/or vendor information in the fields required by Quickbooks. Therefore, you should not use an "Accounts Receivable" or "Accounts Payable" account in Quickbooks that will receive transactions from ManageMore. Instead, use an "Other Current Asset" or "Other Current Liability" account in Quickbooks.

Q03.   I don't see my question here. Where else can I get information?
A03.   Visit our website's Technical Support section.

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