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About Exporting Payroll Details

Keeping up with tables and rules for taxes on your employee's wages can be very difficult for small businesses. Several companies, however, have made this easier for them by accepting exported information and processing the company's payroll for them for a small fee. This topic explains how to quickly and easily how to export the information to any particular payroll company.

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   Q & A - Export Payroll Details

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Field by Field Help - Export Payroll Wizard screen

Welcome to the Export Wizard

Cycle Code
Displays the cycle code of the payroll period available for export.

Start Date / End Date
Displays the beginning and ending of the payroll period being considered.

Date Posted
Displays the date on which the payroll information in this period was finalized and posted (permanently saved).

Payroll Method
Displays the payroll service that was selected in setup at the time the payroll period was posted.

Export Filename

File Format
Select a format (on a company basis) to export the data in. Choose from Compupay, Execupay, or E-chx.

File Name
Enter or select the name of the file to be created from the payroll export process. The default file name will use your Export Path (as defined in Setup ... Company ... General Options ... Paths) combined with the current date and a .TXT extension.

Q & A - Export Payroll Details

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