Filling Sales Orders
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About Filling Sales Orders

ManageMore's unique Fill Sales Order screen (see Figure 6-2) allows warehouse/shipping personnel to easily prepare and fulfill orders as they are ready to process, all from one screen. The orders are automatically reviewed for stock status, which appears next to each order. The employee can also print a pick ticket for warehouse selection from this screen. This feature benefits those companies which have a pick-up area apart from the selling floor, or for those companies that may not always have items in stock when someone orders them. The orders can then be either picked up immediately, or sent to the customer at a later time when the inventory is available.

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   Field by Field Help - Fill Sales Order screen
   Q & A - Fill Sales Orders

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Field by Field Help - Fill Sales Order screen

exclaimOnly one Fill Sales Order screen should be pulled up at a time. Having two or more of these screens open on the network at one time may give erroneous information on those screens, and may also cause inventory levels to be displayed incorrectly.  


New Sales Order
Click this button to enter a new sales order document.

Edit Sales Order
Click this button to edit the currently highlighted sales order.

Refresh Open Orders
Click this button to update the order screen to include all of the open sales orders.

Fill Sales Orders
Click this button to fill the currently highlighted sales order.

Print Pick Ticket
Click this button to print a pick ticket for the highlighted sales order. A pick ticket can only be created on sales orders that are ready to be invoiced.

Detail Fields

Order Status
Displays the status of the sales orders. This field will display "Ready" if enough stock is present to complete the order, or the percentage of the order that can be filled with the quantity on hand.

Transaction No
Displays the sales order transaction number.

Bill To
Displays the customer to whom this sales order is billed.

Account No.
Displays the account number of the customer who placed the sales order.

Figure 6-2.   Fill Sales Order screen

Displays the location the sales order originated from.

Displays the date and time the sales order was received.

Ship Via
Displays the shipping method this sales order will have.

Total Order
Displays the total dollar value of the sales order.

Displays the memo that was entered on this sales order, if any.


Automatically refresh open orders...
Select the amount of time that passes with no activity before the sales order screen auto-refreshes.

Check Internet orders
If checked, the program will check for and download e-commerce orders each time the list is refreshed. This option will be visible only if your license includes the e-commerce feature.

infoIf your license does not contain this option, please contact your sales representative for more information.  

Do not display sales orders that are completely out of stock
If checked, the list will not display any orders if the items on that order are completely out of stock.

Address Label
This box displays the shipping address of the currently selected order.

Q & A - Fill Sales Orders

Q01.   I am trying to print a pick ticket for a sales order that is ready to be invoiced, but the icon is greyed out. How can I print a pick ticket for this sales order?
A01.   In Setup...Accounting, click on Order Entry, then on the Sales Order tab. Be sure that the checkbox labeled "Allow pick ticket printing for order that is ready to be invoiced" is checked on.

Q02.   I don't see my question here. Where else can I get information?
A02.   Visit our website's Technical Support section.

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