File Transfers Protocol (FTP)
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About File Transfer Protocol

This feature is used to send reports and other files to other computers via the internet. Using File Transfer Protocol (FTP), the program can automatically upload an exported file to a web server. This may be useful for example, to publish reports on your website. The program maintains a list of commonly used FTP servers and directories, as well as the associated password information. These are stored as FTP Profiles, which can be selected by the end user to simplify transmission.

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FTP Profiles

FTP Profiles contain the settings that allow ManageMore to access other computers via the Internet and post information on those computers. You can specify what computer by the IP address or by the actual computer name. You can also specify the path (folder name) on the computer to put the file in.

Field by Field Help - FTP Profile screen

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Close this window
Click this button to discard your changes and return to the previous window.

FTP Profile Name
Enter a familiar name for this FTP Profile. It will be used when selecting an FTP profile from a drop list.

Profile Type
Displays the type of FTP profile being created.

Enter the domain of the computer you are trying to send files to here. You can specify a domain by its IP address (i.e. or its domain name (i.e. It is better to place a domain name here since IP addresses may be changed from time to time.

User Name
Enter the user name needed to access the remote computer here.

Enter the password needed to access the remote computer here.

Remote Path
Enter the remote path (the folder that you will be able to put files into) for the remote computer here. Contact your administrator if you are uncertain what to enter.

Q & A - File Transfers

Q01.   I connect to the internet via a router/proxy server/firewall. Why am I having problems connecting to my FTP server through ManageMore?
A01.   99.9% of all problems connecting to FTP servers through ManageMore is the result of not having the FTP port, (Port 21) open on the router/proxy server/firewall, or not providing the correct login information. Please check your settings accordingly.

Q02.   I don't see my question here. Where else can I get information?
A02.   Visit our website's Technical Support section.

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