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About Incidents

Incidents are used to document notes and actions regarding customers, prospects, and vendors. These records can be used for many purposes, including: problem resolution, inquiries, memos, reminders, or case management. In the case of crucial information that all employees must be alerted to, incidents can be set to "pop up" when a customer record is retrieved in Customer Care. Incidents are classified by assigning an Incident Code (e.g. "BI" for a Billing Inquiry).

infoAlthough this topic is listed under Customer Relationship Management, incidents can be entered for vendors as well.  

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   Field by Field Help - Incident screen
   Q & A - Incidents

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Field by Field Help - Incidents screen


Save this record
Click this button to save the information and return to the previous window.

Check Spelling
Click this button to check the spelling in the incident text boxes.

Attach documents to this record
Click this button to view or attach documents to this record in the Intellifile Explorer.

Close this window
Click this button to discard the information and return to the previous window.


Incident Number

Displays the internally generated ID number for this incident. This value cannot be changed. This value can be used to search for a customer or prospect on the Customer Care screen.

Account/Prospect/Vendor ID
Enter or select the account number/prospect/vendor number to which this incident relates.

Figure 4-6.   Customer Incident screen

Promise Date
Enter or select the date on which this customer has made a promise to pay an outstanding bill. This value can be used to optionally eliminate the customer from certain industry-specific processes.

Incident Code
Enter or select the incident code to categorize the incident. Incident codes can be created to suit the needs of particular businesses. They are very useful when analyzing common problems in your organization.

Incident Status
Select the priority this incident should be given compared to others. Choose from High, Low, or Closed.

Incident Notes
Enter the initial incident information here. This information will be visible on the Customer Care screen. For security reasons, this information cannot be edited once the incident has been entered.

Date Entered
Displays the date the incident was entered.

Displays the time the incident was entered.

Displays the employee ID of the employee who entered the incident.

Action Taken
Enter the resolution(s) or steps taken to remedy the incident. These can only be entered if the incident status is not Closed.

Date Updated
Displays the date the action taken was last updated.

Displays the time the action taken was last updated.

Displays the employee ID of the employee who last updated this incident.

Always Auto-Alert this incident in Customer Care/Vendor Care
When checked, this incident will automatically appear in front of the Customer Care or Vendor Care screen any time the customer/prospect/vendor is selected in Customer Care/Vendor Care. The incident must be acknowledged to continue.

Q & A - Incidents

Q01.   How can I edit the Action Taken on an incident that has already been closed?
A01.   Change the status to a value other than "Closed." Then edit the action taken. You may then change the status back to "Closed," if desired.

Q02.   Can I run reports on different types of incidents?
A02.   You can use custom reports and IntelliQuery to create custom incident reports.

Q03.   Can I prevent employees from deleting incidents?
A03.   You can prevent employees from deleting incidents by using Security Administrator to block them from doing so.

Q04.   Can I prevent employees from modifying the incident notes?
A04.   Incident notes cannot be modified by anyone after an incident is saved.

Q05.   I don't see my question here. Where else can I get information?
A05.   Visit our website's Technical Support section.

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