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About Inventory Categories

Inventory Categories provide a method of classifying your inventory items. Categories are used in several places within ManageMore as it helps you to group items for such processes as inventory counting, as well as filtering for inventory and sales reports. You can create as many category codes as you like, depending upon your needs, and assign them to inventory items and/or inventory templates.

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   Field by Field Help - Inventory Category screen
   Q & A - Inventory Categories

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A Detailed Look at Categories

Categories are groups into which related items from Supertrack Inventory are classified. The categories that you need to create will depend on the business or type of industry to which you belong. For example,

Product Lines This is one of the most common classifications of items where items are grouped based on the product line such as Electronics, Cutlery, Bath Products, and Clothing.  
Product Stages Items could be classified into raw materials, semi-finished goods, and finished goods. However, in most cases, location codes can do a better job for this type of classification.  
ValueItems could be classified into high value, medium value or low value items.  
Business function Items could also be classified based on the business functions for which they represent like Operational Expenses, Administrative Expenses, Utilities Expense, and Sales.  

Field by Field Help - Inventory Category screen

Category ID
Enter a unique alphanumeric ID for this new category.

Enter a description for this category.

Q & A - Inventory Categories

Q01.What are categories used for?  
A01.Categories are used to put your supertrack items in groups. Among other things, you can view reports of items and the categories they belong to, break down sales by categories, do inventory counts by categories, and copy SKUs from one location to another by category.  
Q02.Can I use departments as well as categories or only one of the two?  
A02.You can use both. Using both is actually encouraged, as it allows for you to have greater variation and groupings of items so that you can get more detailed information from the program.  

Q03.I don't see my question here. Where else can I get information?  
A03.Visit our website's Technical Support section.  

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