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About Inventory Departments

Inventory Departments provide a method of classifying your inventory items. Departments will be used in several places within ManageMore as it helps you to group items for such processes as filtering for inventory and sales reports. You can create as many department codes as you like, depending upon your needs, and assign them to inventory items and/or inventory templates.

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   Field by Field Help - Inventory Department screen
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Field by Field Help - Inventory Department screen

Department ID
Enter a unique alphanumeric ID for this new department.

Enter a description for this department.

Q & A - Inventory Departments

Q01.What are departments used for?  
A01.Departments are used to group your SKUs in a manner similar to categories. You can then use departments when you are running sales reports, doing inventory counts, etc.  
Q02.Is there an advantage to using departments rather than categories?  
A02.The only difference is that you can copy SKUS from one location to another using categories. Departments are not used to perform this function in ManageMore.  

Q03.I don't see my question here. Where else can I get information?  
A03.Visit our website's Technical Support section.  

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