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About Manufacturers

Manufacturers are used to divide the inventory into groups for easier analysis and reporting. These are sometimes referred to as "Product Lines." You can create as many manufacturer codes as you like, depending upon your needs, and assign them to inventory items and/or inventory templates.

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   Field by Field Help - Manufacturer screen
   Q & A - Manufacturers

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Field by Field Help - Manufacturer screen


Manufacturer ID
Enter a unique alphanumeric ID for this manufacturer.

Company Name
Enter the name of the manufacturing company.

Enter or choose the salutation of the company's contact.

First Name
Enter the company contact's first name.

Enter the company contact's middle initial.

Last Name
Enter the company contact's last name.

Company Address
Enter the address of the company. The first line will be automatically filled by the company/contact name. The next two lines can hold the street address, while the last line holds city, state, and zip code information.

infoAs with most address fields in the program, if you type the zip code into the city field, the city, state, and zip code will all fill in automatically.  

If checked, this manufacturer can no longer be used when entering new records.

Enter the manufacturer's contact name here.

Enter the manufacturer's contact telephone number here.

Enter the manufacturer's contact fax number here.

Alternate Phone
Enter the manufacturer's alternate telephone number here.

Enter the manufacturer's contact e-mail address here.

Web Site Address
Enter your manufacturer's web site address here. Click the button provided to open your Internet browser and display the provided website.

Q & A - Manufacturers

Q01.I don't see my question here. Where else can I get information?  
A01.Visit our website's Technical Support section.  

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