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About Locations

Locations are used in ManageMore as the main dividing system of all data. Do not be confused by the name, however. Locations are meant for much more than physical locations or territories. You can use locations for any division or separation of data, such as: items in transit, work in progress, unfinished goods, outside sales representatives, holding facilities, or departments. Most businesses will benefit from using locations.

Customers, transactions, and financial data can all be grouped by this valuable field. You will want to consider your reporting needs when setting up this table.

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   Field by Field Help - Location screen
   Q & A - Locations

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Field by Field Help - Location screen


Location Id
Enter a unique number for this new location in your company. The number may range from 101 to 32767. We recommend using three digit location designations.

Location Type
Select the type of location for this new record. Choose from Retail Store, Warehouse, Department, Inventory Allocation, Holding Facility, Transit, or Other. Note that users cannot log in to any location of type Inventory Allocation, Holding Facility or Transit.

Region Code

Enter an optional region code for this location. Regions codes are used to group locations together for reporting purposes. Region codes are also used to group locations together so that users may be able to log into any location within a certain region.

Location Name
Enter the location's specific name here. This will show up on certain transactions, including inventory transfers and inventory adjustments.

Location Address
Enter the location's street address, if applicable. The first line will have the location name prefilled in. The second through fourth lines are for the street address and the final line is for the city, state, and zip code.

International Address
Check this box to denote that the address being entered does not have a last line containing City / State / ZIP Code format.

bulbAs with most address fields in the program, if you type the zip code into the city field, the city, state, and zip code will all fill in automatically.  

Display Map
Click on this button to view a map of the location based on the address entered.

Main Office Phone
Enter the telephone number of this location, if any.

Facsimile Phone
Enter the fax telephone number for this location, if any.

Cust Service Phone
Enter the customer service telephone number for this location, if applicable. This phone number will also print out on any statements for customers from this location.

Default Tax Code
Enter or select the tax code appropriate for sales from this location. This tax code will be used in lieu of the customer tax code should an over-the-counter invoice be created from this location (where the invoice has no account number).

When checked, notes this location as being no longer used. Inactive locations will not be visible in any lookup lists.

Additional Info

Use this section to store any additional information about this location that you desire. This information is not used by the program, and is for your purposes only.

Q & A - Locations

Q01.How do I log in to a particular location?  
A01.If your database contains more than one location, you will be prompted to enter a location code upon selecting your company from the Open Company screen.  
Q02.I cannot change the name and address of my main location from this screen. How do I change this information?  
A02.The main location shares its information with the main company setup. Proceed to File ... Company Info to edit the main company information.  
Q03.Should I create a location to represent merchandise given on consignment to an outside salesperson or foreign establishment?  
A03.Absolutely. A location in the program is primarily a division in inventories. Therefore, anyplace that can be considered a different set of inventory can be considered a different location. Locations make it easier to identify where merchandise is presently being stored.  
Q04.How do I restrict the location for a particular user?  
A04.The user setup in Security Administrator contains options for this restriction.  
Q05.Do I need to create a general ledger account for each location in order to segregate financial data?  
A05.No. The program can print profit and loss reports by location without the need for separate general ledger accounts.  
Q06.I don't see my question here. Where else can I get information?  
A06.Visit our website's Technical Support section.  

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