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About Payroll Cycles

Payroll cycles keep track of the amount of time in an employee's pay period. Each employee belongs to a particular payroll cycle based upon the length of their payroll period. You can utilize multiple payroll cycles for employees who get paid weekly, twice a month, every two weeks, and so on, so that all possibilities can be used if a company chooses to do so. Your company can also use one payroll cycle should simplicity be the key to compensating your employees.

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Field by Field Help - Payroll Cycles screen

Cycle Code
Enter an ID code for this payroll cycle type.

Enter a full description of this payroll cycle type to make identification easier for the user.

Cycle Type
Select the type of payroll cycle that this cycle code will represent. This will also determine the length of time that the payroll cycle will last. Select from Weekly, Biweekly (every two weeks), Semimonthly (Two cycles per month, Days 1 through 15, and 16 through the last day of the month), Monthly, Quarterly, and Annually.

Payroll Period Dates
Enter the last day of the current payroll period. This date will be used to determine the first day of the current and next payroll period, as well as the ending date of the next payroll period. The dates will be calculated based upon the cycle type chosen above.

Q & A - Payroll Cycles

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