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About Process Shipments

The Process Shipments screen works with ManageMore's optional Shipping Manager feature. When the Shipping Manager is used in delayed shipment mode the program will behave as follows: As invoices are created which require shipping, they are sent to this screen for processing. When the package is ready for shipment, the user can automatically send the shipping information from these transactions to the shipping software which will then process the actual shipping manifest for your shipping carrier. This feature is mainly used by companies who ship a large number of packages, since this process allows you to rapidly ship multiple packages without having to copy information and paste information between software programs.

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Quick Help - Process Shipments

1)If necessary, complete the Shipments section in Setup ... Options, including the choice to allow delayed shipments.  
2)If necessary, select the Shipping Methods menu option to add New or Edit existing shipping methods, and activate the Star Ship manifest system on each method used.  
3)Process invoice transactions normally.  
4)Select the Process Shipments menu option.  
5)Highlight a transaction, and click the Ship Order button.  
6)Accept the shipment information in StarShip, and return to the Process Shipments screen to process the next order.  

Field by Field Help - Process Shipments screen


Ship Transaction
Click this button to ship the highlighted transaction.

Print Packing Slip
Click this button to print a packing slip for the transaction.

Detail Fields

Transaction Number
Displays the transaction number of the invoice to be shipped.

Ship Via
Displays the shipping method that is being used to ship this transaction.

Account Number
Displays the account number of the customer being shipped to.

Customer Name
Displays the name of the customer being shipped to

Displays the employee ID of the salesperson assigned to the transaction.

Ship Weight
Displays the total weight of the items on the transaction.

Shipped Date
Displays the date on which the transaction was shipped.

Address Label
Displays the shipping address of the selected transaction.


Shipment Order - Unshipped
Click this tab to view all transactions that have not yet shipped in transaction number order.

Carrier Order - Unshipped
Click this tab to view all transactions that have not yet shipped in shipper order.

Sales Rep Order - Unzipped
Click this tab to view all transactions that have not yet shipped in sales rep order.

Shipped Transactions
Click this tab to show all transactions that have previously shipped.

Q & A - Process Shipments

Q01.   I have special rates with some of the shipping carriers that I use. Will I be able to import these special rates into the shipment manifest system?
A01   Yes, the shipment manifest system provides functionality to allow for special rates. In some cases, an import is not even necessary, the shipment manifest system connects to the carriers' servers via the internet and obtains the rates in real-time.

Q02.   I don't see my question here. Where else can I get information?
A02.   Visit our website's Technical Support section.

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