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About Recurring Charges

Recurring Charges are used to apply a charge on a regular basis to a customer's account. Recurring Charges can be used to automatically invoice a customer for a service charge or fee on a repetitive basis. Recurring Charges can be combined together in a service record, or added individually to an account. Recurring Charges are applied to the customer account when statements are posted, creating invoices and accounts receivable for the customers that are being billed.

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   Field by Field Help - Recurring Charge Item screen
   Q&A - Recurring Charge Items

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Field by Field Help - Recurring Charge Item screen


Search for Item

Click this button to search for an item to bill from your Supertrack Inventory. You can only select this button after an account number has been entered.

Item Notes on Bill
Click this button to enter notes that will show on the statement below this recurring charge. ManageMore will pre-fill any transaction item notes from the supertrack inventory record into this window.


Account Number
Enter the account number on which a recurring charge should be placed. This field will be pre-filled if a customer is currently selected in the active Customer Care screen.

Billing Group
Displays the billing group to which this customer belongs.

Displays the location number of the customer.

Next Billing Period
Displays the next billing period starting and ending date.

Bill To
Displays the billing address information for the selected customer.

SKU Item
Enter the inventory item that is to be charged to the customer on a recurring basis. This item must be of the intangible supertrack kind. The user can search for an item by clicking the provided button above.

Billing Status
Choose whether this recurring item is being actively charged or if the recurring charge is inactive, and will not be charged on the next statement run.

Billing Cycles
Choose the billing cycle on which this charge should be billed. The options presented here are found on the billing group's billing cycle tab, and will control the frequency and quantity of recurring charges.

Commencing On
Choose or enter the date on which billing should begin for this recurring charge. A blank entry indicates that this item should begin billing immediately. The choices in the list reflect the start dates for upcoming billing periods.

Terminating On
Choose or enter the date on which billing should end for this recurring charge. A blank entry indicates that this item should continue to bill indefinitely. The choices in the list reflect the end dates for upcoming billing periods.

Billed Thru
Enter or select the date through which this recurring charge has already been billed. If a billing cycle is run where the ending date does not exceed the billed thru date, then this recurring charge will not be invoiced for that billing cycle.

Enter the description for this recurring charge. The description will prefill from the supertrack inventory record. Whatever is entered here will print on the statement. If the description has not been overridden on this record, changes in the SKU's description in inventory setup will automatically change the recurring charge description.

Extended Description
Enter the extended description for this recurring charge. Any description entered here will be printed on the statement next to the description noted above. Customers with multiple recurring charges will have the charges sorted by the extended description on their statement.

Billing Reference
Enter a billing reference note. This billing reference will be printed on the statement as well.

Enter the amount to be invoiced for this recurring charge. This amount will fill in from the supertrack inventory record, but can be modified to suit the user.

Q & A - Recurring Charge Items

Q01.My customer has multiple charges each billing cycle. How can I enter them all at once?  
A01.You can create a service record, and assign a service plan code, which creates multiple recurring charges at once.  
Q02.If I change the description of the SKU in supertrack inventory, will the change automatically reflect on the next billing cycle?  
A02.Yes, as long as you have not overridden the description on this record.  
Q03.I cannot change the fields on this screen, and the screen displays "Service Related Item" or "Service Plan Related Item." How do I change the recurring charge?  
A03.You must edit the recurring charge via the service record or service plan record.  
Q04.I don't see my question here. Where else can I get information?  
A04.Visit our website's Technical Support section.  

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