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About Security Audit

The Security Audit feature allows you to monitor a user's activity within the system. From login to logout, every move can be traced and recorded. If security breaches are suspected, this technique will trace the steps that you want it to.

infoThis feature may put a heavy load on the workstation and/or network due to the amount of data that needs to be recorded. Therefore, it is suggested to use it when truly needed, and turn it off afterwards.  

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Field by Field Help - Audit List

Print Audit File
Click this button to get a report of the audit file.

Select Filter For Report Based On Tab Selected
Click this button to get a lookup list of the possible filter values for the audit file. These values will vary depending on the tab selected on the bottom.

Displays the date and time that the audit record was created.

Displays whether the access was allowed (ACY) or denied (ACN).

User Name/Group Name
Displays the name of the user that attempted access into a resource and the group to which they belong, if any.

Resource Name/Comments
Displays the name of the specific resource the user tried to access and whether access was allowed or denied.

infoSeeing access denied messages scattered throughout the log file does not necessarily mean that the user is trying to do something they are not allowed. It is merely stating that something that they are doing contains potential resources that they do not have access to. If there is one resource that seems to be accessed over and over, but is denied each time, then there might be cause for concern.  
Resetting the Audit File

The audit file may grow to a great size quickly, especially if all of auditing is turned on. From time to time, you may wish to purge parts of the file and start over. To do so, click on Audit File...Reset the Audit File. You will then be asked to select a date such that the records before that date will be purged. Choose the date that is right for you and then click OK to purge. Be aware that purging may take a considerable length of time, depending on the amount of data involved.

Q & A - Security Audit

Q01.   I have very fast machines and connections. Should I turn auditing on all of the time?
A01.   Not necessarily. Auditing is best used only when problems or breaches are suspected. If auditing is turned on all of the time, then most of the processing time spent by the computers will be devoted to the auditing process and the writing of audit data. It is better to turn on auditing on an as-needed basis.

Q02.   I don't see my question here. Where else can I get information?
A02.   Visit our website's Technical Support section.

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