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About Serial Number Check

The Serial Number check allows you to easily ascertain the status of a particular serial number, if you are utilizing the optional Serial Number Tracking feature of the program. You can quickly find the number, and check such attributes as date purchased, date sold, and transaction numbers. Any company that deals in inventory with serial and/or lot numbers can benefit from this feature, as it tracks the items from entry into your company, until they exit back out.

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   Field by Field Help - Serial Number screen
   Q & A - Serial Number Check

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Quick Help - Serial Number Check

1)Select the Serial Number Check menu option.  
2)Place the list in the order desired for search.  
3)Enter or scan the Serial/Lot number or User Defined Value.  
4)Optionally, use IntelliQuery to locate specific record(s).  
5)Click the Edit button to view/edit the serial number information.  

Field by Field Help - Serial Number screen

The following fields will be available when viewing/editing serial numbers.


Serial/Lot Number
The serial number or lot number that has been assigned to this SKU. This value is normally entered via purchase receipt or adjustment transaction. This value cannot be changed.

SKU item
The SKU Item from Supertrack Inventory to which this serial or lot number has been assigned. This value cannot be changed.

The number of units this serial or lot number is assigned to. Serial numbers will have a value of 1. Lot numbers may have a greater value.

Date Received
The date on which this serial or lot numbered item was received.

Date Sold
The date on which this serial or lot numbered item was sold.

Date Returned/Lost
The date on which this serial or lot numbered item was returned or reported lost.

Warranty ID
The warranty ID that applies to this serial number.


UDF 01-10
The user defined fields (UDFs) that can be used to hold other specific information about this individual serial or lot numbered item.


Place any additional information about this serial or lot number here.

Q & A - Serial Number Check

Q01.   I have another number, in addition to the Serial Number, that must be tracked on each item.
A01.   Enter the value in a user defined field. UDF 1-3 are searchable on this screen.

Q02.   I don't see my question here. Where else can I get information?
A02.   Visit our website's Technical Support section.

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