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About Service Promotions

Service Promotions allow you to offer discounts on the services your company offers for a specified period of time. It is especially beneficial when offering your services at a low rate for competitive purposes, as the lower rate is only charged for a predetermined number of billing periods. Once these billing periods have been exhausted, the standard rate you have defined in your service plan will be followed, thus eliminating the potential issues that can occur by having to manually change pricing.

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   Field by Field Help - Service Promotions screen
   Field by Field Help - Service Promotion Details screen
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Field by Field Help - Service Promotions screen


Service Template
Select the template under which the service promotion is being created.

Promotion Code
Enter a identification code for the service promotion.

Enter or select the location number whose customers this service promotion is to affect. This is useful for creating different promotions per location, especially when competitive pricing is different among different locations in your company.

Promotion Description
Enter a description for this promotion. This description is only for your use and will not appear on a customer's invoice or statement.

Click this button to enter a new Recurring Charge that is to be billed at a discounted rate.

exclaimWhen entering recurring charges in the Service promotions record, the same recurring charge must appear on the service plan that is being attributed to the customer. Any recurring charges that are on the service promotion record and not on the service plan record will be ignored.  
Click this button to modify the selected recurring charge.

Click this button to remove the selected recurring charge.

Check this box to turn this record inactive. Doing so will remove it from lookup lists and disallow its future use.


Promotion Starts on
Enter or select the date on which this promotional code can first be used.

Promotion Ends on
Enter or select the date on which this promotional code can lastly be used.

Required Password for use
Enter the password needed to be able to utilize this promotion code on a service record. Leaving this field blank will cause the service record not to prompt for a password when entering a promotional code on a service record.


Place any additional information concerning this promotional information here.

Field by Field Help - Service Promotion Details screen

SKU Item Code
Enter or select the SKU item to be used in the service promotion. Note this SKU must also appear on the original service template in order for a discount to be calculated.

Custom Description
Enter a description that will be used on the invoice and statement when this service promotion is used.

Billing Amount
Enter the amount that is to be billed to the customer when the service promotion is in effect.

Billing Periods Affected
Select the number of billing periods for which the billing amount is valid.

Q & A - Service Promotions

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A01.Visit our website's Technical Support section.  

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