Setup and Maintenance
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In this Chapter

In this chapter, we will discuss the setup of ManageMore, to customize the program to fit your company's needs, as well as the individual preferences of certain users. We will also cover topics regarding the maintenance of your software and taking care of your valuable data.

   3.1   Locations

   3.2   Regions

   3.3   Reason Codes

   3.4   Shipping Methods

   3.5   Terms   

   3.6   Setup Accounting

   3.7   Setup Company

   3.8   Setup Options

   3.9   Setup Forms

   3.10   Setup POS

   3.11   Setup E-Commerce

   3.12   Setup Toolbar

   3.13   Setup Customer Care

   3.14   Setup Appearance

   3.15   E-Mail Setup

   3.16   Organizer Options

   3.17   Backup and Restore Data

   3.18   Database Integrity Checking

   3.19   Database Maintenance

   3.20   Email Manager

   3.21   Software Updates

   3.22   Importing Data

   3.23   Exporting Data

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