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About Software Updates

Intellisoft provides regular updates to the ManageMore software via the internet, for those customers who have an active subscription. These updates include improvements and fixes, as we respond to your business needs and changes in the industries that you represent. This topic will guide you through the process of updating your software.

exclaimUpdating a database may require many changes to the files and folders involved. Be sure to have a full program and database backup made prior to updating your software. For large databases, especially those which have not been updated recently, this process may be quite lengthy and should be performed overnight.  

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   Field by Field Help - Software Update screen
   Automatic Update Check
   Q & A - Software Updates

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Quick Help - Software Updates

1.If necessary, ensure a valid internet connection.  
2.Select the Software Updates menu option.  
3.Click the Update Software button to begin.  
4.Follow the instructions provided to download and install the update.  
5.After installing the update, restart ManageMore, and select Open Company.  
6.Your company database will automatically be updated to the new version.  

Field by Field Help - Software Update screen

Request Software Update
Click this button to start the software update process.

infoSome internet providers, such as America Online, require that you first log on to their system before selecting this option.  

The program will then check Intellisoft's web server. The program will determine if an update is necessary. If so, the user will be prompted to begin the download.

Follow the steps indicated to complete the download and installation.

Download ManageMore update pack and begin installation when download is complete
If this option is selected, the update program will be downloaded and once completed will run automatically.

Download ManageMore update pack only
If this option is selected, the update program will be downloaded and once completed will store itself in the UPDATE folder, found in the MMWIN folder. A shortcut will be placed on the desktop so that you can run the update when you are ready.

Do not update ManageMore at this time
If this option is selected, the update process will be cancelled, and you will be returned to the Windows desktop.

Once you have downloaded and begun to install the update, simply follow through the setup wizard. That wizard will guide you through the installation process. After the new version has been installed, you should then restart ManageMore. Upon opening your company, the program will automatically update your database to be compliant with the new version.

Automatic Update Check

ManageMore can check on it's own whether or not an update is available. All you need to do is click on Setup ... Options ... Reminders. Then choose the number of days that ManageMore should wait before looking for an Internet update.

Once this number of days has passed, every time you exit the software and you have an active Internet connection, ManageMore will seek Intellisoft's servers to see if an update is available. If and update exists, you can then decide whether or not to download the update. If you do decide to download the next software release, you can then follow the instructions in the previous section.

Q & A - Software Updates

Q01.How often should I check for an update?  
A01.Unless your technical support representative informs you otherwise, we recommend checking for software updates at least once every three months.  
Q02.Do I have to update?  
A02.If the version of ManageMore you currently have satisfies what you need in business software, then no, updating is not necessary. However, ManageMore is being constantly updated with new, more powerful features that make day-to-day operations easier and quicker to complete. We recommend you periodically read the new features list to determine if a software update is necessary.  
Q03.Can I just find out what is new in ManageMore without updating?  
A03. You can always find out what the latest updates to ManageMore are by visiting our update web page:  
Q04.If I don't like the changes that occurred after an update to persist, how can I go back to my old version without losing my data I have input since I ran the update?  
A04.If you restore from backup, you will lose all of the data that you have put in since that backup was created. Therefore, there is no way for us to keep the data you have and downgrade the version of software. If you encounter a new change that you are not happy with, it is recommended that you restore from backup immediately.  

Q05.I am trying to update, but I get an error that says "An error occurred during the move data process -132." What does this mean?  
A05.This means that one or more components of the software are open as you are trying to update the software. Make sure all network workstations have closed ManageMore, and if the problem persists, reboot your server.  
Q06.I don't see my question here. Where else can I get information?  
A06.Visit our website's Technical Support section.  

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