System Requirements
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The following are the minimum/recommended system requirements for the proper operation of ManageMore.

Workstation/Single User Requirements

The following configuration refers to businesses with a single computer only or businesses with computer workstations on a local area network or at a remote satellite location.

Monitor Resolution
800x600 SVGA
800x600 SVGA or higher  
Monitor Size
Workstation CPU
Pentium 400Mhz
Pentium 800Mhz or higher
Workstation Memory
256 MB RAM

Hard Drive Space
500 MB Available
1-5 GB Available
Workstation OS
Windows 2000/XP Pro
Windows XP Pro (Latest Service Pack Applied)
Workstation Software
MS Internet Explorer 5.0
MS Internet Explorer 6.0, MS Office
Remote Connection
48kbps data line
100kbps or higher (ISDN, DSL, Frame Relay, T1)

Server Requirements

The following requirements refer to businesses with a dedicated computer file server. It is not recommended to use your ManageMore Server for other network operations such as MS Exchange, MS Terminal Server, MS IIS, etc.

Server Configuration
Server CPU Speed
Pentium 400MHz
Pentium 1.5GHz or higher
Server Memory
512 MB RAM
1024 MB (1 GB) RAM
Server OS
MS Windows NT/2000/2003 Server, Novell 4.x
MS Windows 2000/2003, Novell 5.x
Network Card (NIC)
100 Megabit/sec.
100/1000 Megabit/sec.
Network Hub/Switch
100 Megabit
100/1000 Megabit
Hard Drive Space
500 Mb Available
1-5 Gb Available
Remote Connection Speed
28.8kbps data line
110kbps or higher (ISDN, DSL, Frame Relay, T1)
Removable Backup Media
Iomega 250 Zip Drive, Rewriteable CD-R Drive
Iomega Zip 750 Drive, Rewriteable CD-R/DVD-R Drive, Tape Backup Drive

Peripheral Recommendations

The following are recommended devices, used primarily for point-of-sale, that can be used within ManageMore. Although many unlisted devices may work with ManageMore, we are not responsible for purchases of any equipment that does not operate correctly with ManageMore.

Cash Drawer
MMF or APG cash drawer
Receipt Printer driven or parallel port only
Barcode Scanners
MetroLogic, PSC
keyboard interface only
Magnetic Card Reader
keyboard interface only
POS Integrated Keyboard
Cherry 8000 series
keyboard comes with integrated magnetic card reader and barcode reader attachment
Pole Displays
Logic Controls PD-3000
Serial based Interface only
20/40 column Receipt Printers
Star or Citizen name brand
parallel or cash drawer integrated models

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