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About the Time Clock

Central to time & attendance and payroll calculation is the employee time clock. The time clock found within ManageMore performs multiple functions. Apart from simply recording the time an employee punches in or out, it can also audit the time based on synchronized time servers on the Internet. The time clock feature can also show an employee his time clock punches so that they know when they were in and out. The clock can also function outside of ManageMore as a stand alone application, so that a permanent clock can be set up on a workstation for all of the office to use, much like the traditional time clock, only more powerful.

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Field by Field Help - Time Clock screen

Timeclock ID
Enter your time clock ID here. For privacy protection, all entries in this field will be masked with asterisks (*).

Enter your timeclock password here. This field is visible only if passwords are required for punching the timeclock as determined in Setup Options. For privacy protection, all entries in this field will be masked with asterisks (*).

Displays the current date and time on the PC.

Clock In/Out
Click this button to punch in or out of the clock. If passwords are not required, simply pressing the Tab key after entering your Timeclock ID will auto-click this button and punch the clock.

Click this button to close the timeclock window.

Displays the name of the employee punching the clock.

Current Status
Displays whether the named employee above is clocked in or out.

Last Punch Date / Time
Displays the last time the named employee punched the clock.

Current Timesheet Cycle
Displays the starting and ending dates from the current payroll cycle as per the named employee's record.

Total Hours This Cycle
Displays the total number of hours worked this payroll cycle.

View My Details
Click this hyperlink to view all of the timeclock punches that have taken place this week.

[Employee Image]
Displays the image associated with this employee as found on the employee record.

Stand Alone Time Clock

The timeclock feature can also stand alone, without having to open ManageMore. To do this, make a shortcut on your desktop and point it to the MMCLOCK.EXE file located in your program path. To find your program path, right-click on your program icon, then click on Properties. Then click on the Find Target button. This will open the folder that contains the MMCLOCK.EXE file.

If you are using a multi-company license of ManageMore, and wish to implement the timeclock for those companies, simple add a space, then a slash, then the company ID number that you see on the Open Company window.

exampleFor example, if your program path (or program folder) is M:\MMWIN, then you would set a shortcut on your Desktop whose target is "M:\MMWIN\MMCLOCK.EXE". Also, if there were two companies on this version of the software and the second company had company ID 2, then you could also set up the timeclock to work with that second company by creating a shortcut whose target is "M:\MMWIN\MMCLOCK.EXE /C=2".  

Q & A - Time Clock

Q01.I don't see my question here. Where else can I get information?  
A01.Visit our website's Technical Support section.  

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