Using ManageMore
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In this Chapter

In this chapter, we will discuss the basic use and operation of ManageMore. This chapter includes information about features that are common to all areas of the program, such as lists, activities, and reports.

We recommend that you read this chapter before the rest of the manual to familiarize yourself with the basics of ManageMore that will apply to all other areas.

   2.1   Installation

   2.2   Registration

   2.3   Creating a New Company

   2.4   Open Company / Login

   2.5   Edit Company Information

   2.6   Sample Company

   2.7   How to Use Lists

   2.8    Using IntelliQuery to Find Data

   2.9    Creating Views to Customize Lists

   2.10   How to Use Activities

   2.11   How to Use Reports and Charts

   2.12   Creating Custom Reports

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