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About this Guide

This guide contains information about the general use and features of ManageMore.

ManageMore is an industry-specific software program, and as such contains many functions that pertain to the particular industry in which you do business. In addition, ManageMore incorporates many features that relate to all industries.

These general features, such as invoicing, receiving customer payments, and statement processing are discussed in this guide. Industry-specific features are discussed in separate guides.

In this Topic
   Menu Navigation
   Keyboard vs. Mouse
   Icon Definitions

Menu Navigation

Menu navigation instruction is represented in this guide as:

Main Menu ... Sub Menu ... Menu Item

For example:

   Activities ... Accounts Receivable ... Batch Payment ... Batch Payment Entry
   Lists ...

If no menu item is given, as in the last example, then all of the menu items will apply to the topic. You will find the menu navigation instruction at the beginning of each topic.

Keyboard vs. Mouse

Most instructions in this manual assume the user is performing the operation with a mouse. However, for efficiency, ManageMore may be operated using only the keyboard. Where possible, we have included the keyboard key combinations that will allow the user to perform the task using the keyboard only.

Special keyboard keys are represented in this guide as:

<Character Name(s)>

Press the Enter key
Press Ctrl and A simultaneously
<Alt+F, X>
Press Alt+F, then press X

In general, you should be familiar with standard Windows keyboard conventions, which are used throughout ManageMore. Some examples are mentioned below:

Accesses the main menu.
Accepts the default button on a window (The default button will be highlighted with a bold border.)
Moves to the next field on a window
<Alt W, #>
Accesses other open windows within ManageMore
Switches tabs within a window
Presses selected button or switch
Accesses menu/function containing underlined letter
Switches between ManageMore and other programs


When giving instructions to click a particular button with your mouse, we may refer to the button using one of the following conventions:

For buttons with visible words on the button, we will use the button text.

For Buttons with no words, such as those appearing on the toolbar of many windows, we will refer to the text that appears when your mouse cursor hovers over the button (the tool tip).

Icon Definitions

bulb Use the tips following this icon in the manual and you will experience ManageMore to its fullest potential.  

infoCheck the notes for important information that will follow this icon in the guide.  

exclaimBe sure to read warnings that will follow this icon in the guide.  

exampleLook at the examples following this icon to better understand the function we are explaining.  
gearIf we deem that a particular field, button or action is advanced, it will be noted as follows:  
Normal Field  
This is an example of how we document a field, button or action.  
Advanced Fieldgear
This is an example of how we will document an advanced field. Most users will not need to utilize this field and can therefore skip it.

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