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About ManageMore Online Payroll Service

Say good-bye to the old clunky and expensive methods of in-house payroll processing and say HELLO to a much quicker, safer and easier alternative  to handling payroll for your company.  With the advent of the internet, web-based payroll has now become incredibly affordable (and even cheaper in many cases) for even one or two employee operated businesses. For a nominal  fee per payroll period, you can eliminate the hassle and concerns over tax filings,  in-house check printing, check signing,  year end  W-2's, and so much more.  In fact,  with Direct Deposit, your employees will never have to wait in a long line at the bank teller again.

We understand that it can be a real struggle for small businesses owners to maintain a payroll department.   That's why ManageMore's Online Payroll Service makes perfect sense.  With just a simple and economical subscription service, your business can gain access through the internet to a secure online payroll service whenever needed.   You never have to worry about payroll tax updates or changes in computations that might affect your local city or state again.    This is important  when you consider that the IRS has reported that forty percent of the small businesses that perform their own payroll duties are fined for inaccurate returns - and the average fine is typically in the hundreds of dollars.

 Intellisoft decided to not reinvent the wheel when it came to  payroll...  but to actually create a more intuitive wheel that required less maintenance and offered more flexibility than any other commercially available  payroll solution on the market.  We accomplished this by creating one of the only business software solutions that uniquely integrates itself to leading  nationwide payroll service providers in order to bring you  the quickest and most accurate payroll experience possible.  Our unique  payroll process is designed to virtually eliminate data entry by electronically transmitting ManageMore's time and attendance work sheets as well as retrieving and updating your corporate books before and after each payroll period.  

In short, ManageMore's online payroll solutions takes HR outsourcing to a whole new level of convenience and automation by bridging the gap between business software and outsourced payroll.  Once payroll functions have been outsourced, you can sit back and concentrate on your real business.

For a detailed comparison of web-based payroll versus in-house payroll, click here.



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