ManageMore Online U.S. Payroll

Online Payroll Versus Traditional In-House Payroll

Dollar estimates in the chart below were calculated using a company of 10 employees with bi-weekly payroll cycles.

General Comparison ManageMore Online Payroll Other In-House
 Payroll Solutions
Direct labor costs associated with  processing payroll and tax filings $0 $2,600
Annual service fees incurred $1,100 $0
Annual W-2 Preparations $0 $100
Annual Tax Table Updates $0 $300
All local and state tax filings prepared and sent automatically Yes No
Annual Penalties incurred from late or inaccurate tax filings $0 $845*
Direct Deposit capabilities Yes No
Periodic software updates needed Never Yes
Training required for bookkeeper or controller to handle payroll Minimal Extensive
Access to Payroll Experts who understand your local or state tax issues Yes No
Additional services can be addressed like Workers Comp, Section 125, and other HR services Yes No

* This estimate was provided by the IRS who states that 40 percent of small businesses pay an average penalty of $845 per year for late or incorrect filings.

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