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Frequently Asked Questions


General Service Questions

  Q & A     
Q. What are the benefits of doing online (i.e. web-based) payroll?
A. Doing payroll online is convenient, accurate, inexpensive and safe. You have access to your payroll service 7 days a week, 24 hours a day from an internet connection. You never have to worry about  tax software updates,  security concerns, year end W2's, or tax filings.  Best of all, your employees will love the convenience of direct deposit which automatically transfers funds directly to their checking account.
Q. Who do I contact for questions?
A.  If you have not yet filled out the payroll service request form and still have some initial questions not covered here,  feel free to contact Intellisoft sales.  Once you have signed up for this service, all subsequent questions should be directed to our partnered payroll service provider. 

Q. Is Intellisoft providing the payroll service for my company?
A. No. Intellisoft has partnered with a handful of leading nationwide payroll service providers to bring you directly in touch  with experts in their respective field.  We worked closely with our channel partners to develop a unique integrated solution that bridges ManageMore's time and attendance capabilities as well as our General Ledger to the payroll vendor's online system.  Our innovative technology brings high-end enterprise capabilities to the small business owner at no additional cost to you.

Sales and Conversion

  Q & A     
Q. What if I enroll in the service in the middle of the quarter?
A.  Depending upon your needs, our partnered payroll specialists are experienced with getting  you started at any time. In addition to the standard documentation, all they need are your payroll and tax records for the current year. If you are currently using another payroll service, or have the information in a spreadsheet format, they can often import this information directly into their system.
Q. How do I learn how to use the Internet service?
A.  A payroll specialist will work directly with you until they are comfortable you possess the skills to submit your own payroll successfully.   ManageMore's integrated payroll process also reduces the learning curve because of it's unique interaction with their online payroll system.
Q. How will I be billed for this type of service?
A.  Typically, the service fees are deducted directly from your business checking as needed.  Depending on the payroll service partner you choose, these deductions typically occur after each payroll cycle or on a monthly basis.
Q. Once I am using the payroll service, how do I get help?
A. After you are enrolled, you will be assigned a payroll specialist to handle your account.  Simply contact your payroll specialist via email or telephone at anytime.
Q. How quickly after I enroll can I get my first payroll processed?
A.  If you have all of your current payroll records in order,  you can often be up and running within one payroll cycle.
Q. Will I be charged anything if I cancel my account?
A. You may cancel at any time with no cancellation fee.
Q. How will I provide my payroll information to my accountant at year end?
A. After each payroll cycle, you will be provided with all the typical payroll reports used by businesses today.  Depending on the online payroll provider you choose, these reports may be emailed to you or require you to log in to your account through an internet connection.  Also keep in mind that ManageMore is capable importing your payroll details directly into ManageMore's General Ledger after each payroll cycle.

Q. I have only one employee; is this payroll service right for me?
A. Yes! Intellisoft has partnered with leading payroll service providers that specialize in companies as small as one or two employees.  ManageMore's online payroll service is targeted at very small businesses like yours, so you can spend your time on your business and not on compliance with payroll regulations.

Q. In what states is this service available?
A. All of our payroll channel partners can service all 50 states.  In some cases, our payroll service providers may have local offices in your city or state, but this is not a necessity in order to utilize this type of service.
Q. Does the payroll service offer other options like Cafeteria Plans, Section 125, Worker's Compensation and other benefits?
A.  Yes. After signing up, please speak with your dedicated payroll specialist regarding other optional services that can be handled for you as well. 

Section 125:
Savings depends on number of employees participating in the Plan and the dollar amount of health insurance premiums paid by the employee. Not all businesses are eligible to participate under Section 125 of the IRS Code.


Tax Filing

  Q & A     
Q. What help does this service offer me for filling out state and local payroll tax forms?
A. This is one of the big benefits of this service..  All state and local tax filing are handled on your behalf.  You don't have to deal with this very time-consuming process at all.

Q. How are Employer Tax Deposits calculated and paid?
A. Our partnered payroll service providers will collect the rate information from you during the "Conversion" process. Once they have received all of the necessary information to get you enrolled in the tax filing service, they will calculate your tax liability each time you run your payroll. Since they base those calculations on the information they receive from you, you must ensure that all of your tax rate information is current and correct. Depending upon your deposit frequency as determined by the "Federal Lookback Period", they will electronically deposit your taxes on or before the due date.
Q. What is the procedure used for tax filing and payment services?
A. All of our partnered payroll service providers takes responsibility for handling your federal, state, and local payroll taxes. Our payroll vendors pride themselves on being payroll tax experts, and their commitment to staying current with the constant changes in tax regulation is typically backed  by a  "No Penalties" Guarantee. As long as the information you provide them is on time and accurate and your account is sufficiently funded, your payroll tax deposits and tax filings will be on time and accurate or they will pay the resulting payroll tax penalty.
Q. Which taxes does the payroll service file?
A. Our payroll service vendors make all federal calculations and deposits, including federal income tax withholding, Social Security, Medicare, and federal unemployment tax. They  also make all state deposits including state income tax withholding, state unemployment insurance and disability (in the applicable states, such as California).



Payroll Processing Questions

  Q & A     
Q. What is Direct Deposit?
A. This is a method of paying employees using a type of electronic funds transfer (EFT), which allows employers to deposit employees' pay directly into their designated bank accounts without having to handle a paycheck. It is an efficient method of paying employees.
Q. How does Direct Deposit work?
A. You provide the payroll vendor with specific account numbers for both your business and your employees. The payroll vendor works with your company's bank to process the Direct Deposit transactions for your payroll. This requires one business day between input and check date to process via the Automated Clearing House (ACH) system established under federal banking laws.
Q. After I submit my payroll for processing, how long does it take to get my checks?
A. This depends upon  the method of delivery you choose. Typically, if you choose to do direct deposit, funds will be transferred to your employees bank account within 2 days of posting the payroll information.  If you request for your payroll checks to be printed and delivered to you directly, then they are usually delivered the next day via courier.
Q. What if I have employees in multiple states?
A. Your first state or locality is included in your base payroll processing fee. Each additional state or locality thereafter may be subject to an additional charge depending on the payroll service provider's policies. 

Q. What if I need to void a check?
A. If you need to void a check, just notify your Payroll Specialist so that we can make the proper adjustments and update your records.



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